A Reliable Personal Injury Lawyer in El Paso

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If you’re wrongfully injured due to negligence, a personal injury attorney can help you get compensation for your injuries. There are numerous things a personal injury attorney can assist with, some you may not think about until the injury occurs. At the Huerta Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping anyone who has been wrongfully injured.

What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

As personal injury lawyers, we’ve gone through years of experience in order to help you navigate the legal process. We can help you with:

  • Dog Bites: While most dogs can be cute and cuddly, even the most adorable ones have animalistic instincts and behaviors, resulting in painful and scarring dog bites. If you were bitten by a dog because of a negligent owner, we can help you build a case and get compensation for your injuries.
  • Slip and Fall Cases: If you’ve slipped and fallen due to negligence, we can also help you. Most establishments are required to put up wet floor signs, and when they fail to do so, they are liable for negligence, meaning if you are injured from a slip and fall in their facilities, you can build a case against them.
  • Car and Truck Accidents: Accidents happen every day on our roads. If you’re injured in a car or 18 wheeler accident due to the negligence of the other driver, they may be liable for your injuries as well as damages sustained by your vehicle. A personal injury lawyer can help you build a case and get the compensation you deserve.
  • Wrongful Death: If a loved one wrongly passed away due to the negligence of another person or establishment, working with a personal injury lawyer is your best bet for making a case against them.

How to Know If You Have a Personal Injury Claim

Following an accident, you’ll want to determine if your case qualifies as a personal injury lawsuit or claim. If you do NOT have a valid lawsuit or claim, generally you’ll work directly with an insurance company and NOT a personal injury lawyer. Here are the three simple determinants of a personal injury lawsuit or claim:

1.Did you suffer a personal injury and not just property damage?

  • A personal injury may be considered an injury to the body, mind, or emotions. It can be physical or psychological damage.
  • If you were in a car accident where only your vehicle was physically damaged and no injuries to your body or mind were affected, then you will likely want to work directly with your insurance provider.

2.Were your injuries provoked by the negligence of another entity or person/persons?

  • An entity may include a business, government agency, association, organization, etc.
  • The law defines negligence as the failure to behave with a level of care that a reasonable person would have exercised under the same circumstances.
  • There are four legal components to proving a negligence claim:
    • Duty: The defendant had the legal duty to act a certain way toward the plaintiff under the situation.
    • Breach: The defendant breached that duty by failing to act in that manner.
    • Causation: The defendant’s actions were the legal cause of injury.
    • Damages: The actions of the defendant were a result of injuries or harm to the plaintiff and monetary damages are needed to fix these injuries.

3.Are there recoverable damages?

  • Recoverable damages may include personal or financial harm that can be rectified by a compensation.
  • “Damages” is the legal term for money awarded to the injured person as a means of compensating him or her for their losses and injuries.

If the answer is “yes” to all three question, then you likely have a valid case. While there are many factors that play a part in the outcome of your claim or lawsuit, our experienced personal injury attorneys will help guide you in the right direction while explaining your rights and options.

Filing a Lawsuit vs. Negotiating a Claim

There are two ways of seeking a financial compensation. You can either file a personal injury lawsuit against the party at fault or you can file a personal injury insurance claim to negotiate a settlement.

The nature of your case will determine the best option. For example, if your property, such as your car or truck was damaged, you must first notify your insurance company and file a claim. It’s important that you do this within 24 to 48 hours following the accident. You’ll also need to collect the other party’s insurance information.

If you are unable to negotiate a fair settlement with your insurance company, you will then need to take the route of filing a personal injury lawsuit. Generally, insurance claims are unable to cover full damages when the accident was beyond a minor incident. You may have accrued hefty medical bills or lost wages due to your inability to return to work, either temporarily or permanently.

Do not get overwhelmed by your situation – simply give us a call and we will guide you in the right direction. If we take on your personal injury claim, you can be confident in our ability to recover your damages.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

If you or someone was know was recently injured in one of the following types of accidents, please contact us today:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Slip and falls
  • Dog bites
  • Medical malpractice
  • Construction site accidents
  • Wrongful death

We Can Help Win You a Fair Compensation

Once we establish that a person or entity acted negligently, we will ensure that you receive money to recover from your injury and other losses. Some damages are economic such as medical bills, while others are considered non-economic such as pain and suffering or diminished quality of life.

Our law firm will seek one or more of the following damages:

  • Medical bills
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Reduction in earning capacity
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Disability accommodations

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Filing a personal injury claim on your own is hard work. We will help you every step of the way throughout the process to ensure you have all of the damages and medical expenses paid for by the responsible party. We can even help you get compensated for things you may not have considered, like a lowered quality of life or emotional distress. Either way, we are on your side and will do what we can to make your claim successful.

If you’ve been wrongfully injured, don’t wait to call us. We’re eager to help. Contact our law firm today!