Common and Lesser-Known Ways a Family Lawyer Can Help You

couple blurred in the background discussing with documents with a gavel in focus in frontThere are a variety of reasons to hire a family lawyer in the El Paso area. Since marriage is a legally binding contract, it’s necessary to team up with an experienced family lawyer in order to fulfill a divorce. Family lawyers do much more than assist individuals through the divorce process. If you’re in the El Paso area, choose Huerta Law Firm for all your family laws needs.

Your Guide Through the Divorce Process

When it comes to divorce, couples will have a few options available to them in order to proceed accordingly. Say you’ve only been married for a few years and don’t own any property together and have no children. In this scenario, the separation can be somewhat simple and effortless. If you faced domestic violence, shared significant wealth, or have children, teaming up with a lawyer will become a necessity. Lawyers can help mediate any problems that may arise. In fact, it’s possible for a single lawyer to assist both parties. By choosing this path, you’ll have a better chance of a mutually agreeable solution becoming a reality.

Adopting a Step Child

Let’s say you’ve married someone who has a child. Commonly, this child becomes your “stepchild.” It is possible, however, to adopt your stepchild so he or she may become your legal child. This process requires the assistance of a family lawyer in order for everything to run smoothly. By adopting the child of your spouse, you’ll be able to form a stronger bond with the child. They will see you as their actual parent, not as a step-parent. Although there’s nothing wrong with being a step-parent, the term has gone on to acquired some negative connotations. If the child is young enough, they will grow up with two parents, not a step parent and a legal parent. Simply put, adopting a stepchild can work wonderfully and have a profound effect on the child’s sense of belonging.

Choose Us For Family Law Assistance

If you’re in the El Paso area and you’re in need of family law assistance, reach out to the Huerta Law Firm. We have served the region with sound legal counsel for over a decade. We know what the residents of El Paso require when it comes to law, especially family law. We can help with divorce, adoption, and even name changes. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to help.