The Importance of the Police Report for Personal Injury Lawyers and Cases

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There a thousand of minor crashes on our roads every year. Given its size, the state of Texas has a fair share of traffic troubles on its highways. According to some reports, if you started driving when you were 16, the odds are good that you’ll experience a crash by the time you are 34. This doesn’t mean they will be fatal, but they might involve an injury and could mean you might experience some form of injury caused by the accident.

Whenever people experience a minor crash or fender bender, they might be aware of the necessity to call the police. Yet, many people will neglect to call law enforcement for a couple of reasons. Either they feel the crash is no big deal, they do not feel injured at the time, and they seem to amicably agree with the other person about contacting insurance and trading information. This happens even when people were not the responsible party for the crash and many tend to trust the word of the other driver and part ways believing everything will be resolved.

This might be the case on some occasions, but very often responsible drivers will tell their insurance company another story and you’ll find yourself having to pay for your own repairs and charging the damage on your insurance. It might also mean you’re stuck paying high medical bills because it was never reported you were in an accident. Without a formal record, there is no real way to prove that the accident happened in the way you said it happened. It is simply hearsay. This might hike up your rates and cause you a lot of hassle. The reason that calling law enforcement is important is that this will create a legal and authoritative record of the accident at hand.

The Police Report

The role of law enforcement in these situations is to facilitate communication between the two parties, but also to create the formal record of the incident. The report provides the following necessary information:

  • Precise date and time of the accident
  • The location of the incident—precise intersection and street names
  • Weather conditions
  • Information on the involved parties
  • Names of witnesses
  • A detailed summary of what the officer believes occurred in the crash

Why It Matters to a Personal Injury Lawyer

This document can be a vital part of a case for a personal injury lawyer. It confirms certain details that will implicate the other driver and show the necessary details required to win a case. If you suffered an injury due to the accident, a police report is an important piece of the puzzle to verify that your injury is associated with that particular accident.

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