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The Film That Inspired Lawyers Across Generations

  A lot of young people often develop their ideas of the courtroom through movies and television shows. How many young kids have been inspired to pursue law degrees after seeing an inspirational courtroom scene that shows the integrity and nuances of our legal system?  People’s interest with the justice system has made for countless […]

The Importance of the Police Report for Personal Injury Lawyers and Cases

There a thousand of minor crashes on our roads every year. Given its size, the state of Texas has a fair share of traffic troubles on its highways. According to some reports, if you started driving when you were 16, the odds are good that you’ll experience a crash by the time you are 34. […]

Car Accidents in 2018: A Devastating Year for El Paso

At the time of writing this blog, El Paso has experienced 46 traffic fatalities, ten more than this time last year. Forty-six lives lost due to poor road and weather conditions, drunk driving, distracted driving, and a million other reasons why someone may lose control while behind the wheel. To say car accidents are a […]

Why Knowing How to Call 911 Matters in Wrongful Death Cases

If you’ve ever been in an accident or experienced a horrific event that forced you to call 911, then perhaps you can recall the feeling of panic and fear more than you can the actual call. This scenario is very common. Many people are unable to make out full sentences or speak with clarity. However, […]

Defend Your Rights With An Experienced Slip & Fall Accident Lawyer

We hear the phrase all the time, but what really constitutes a slip and fall lawsuit? Like any other type of civil suit, these types of cases have a long process ahead of them and it is useful to understand the law when it comes to these types of accidents. The Huerta Law Firm has […]

Debunkings Myths About Pit Bulls, Dog Bites, and More!

Many times, when someone thinks of dog bites, they automatically think about pit bulls. Pit bulls tend to get a bad rap and while there have been incidents of pit bull bites, there are many myths associated with owning pit bulls as pets and dog bites in general. Our dog bite lawyer is here to […]

What To Do After an 18 Wheeler Accident: Call Your Lawyer!

If you or a loved one have suffered through an 18 wheeler accident, you deserve a strong legal defense. Unlike car accidents, 18 wheeler accidents almost always result in devastating loss, catastrophic injuries, and even death. Since most trucking companies have strong legal teams, it may be difficult for a victim to go up against […]

The Dangers of Road Rage

If you spend your mornings or afternoon commuting along Interstate-10 or any heavily-congested street like Montana Avenue or Lee Trevino, then you know how inconvenient or aggravating it can feel getting from A to B. In recent times, El Paso has seen road closures and construction along I-10, which adds to the mix of problems […]

Dos and Don’ts of Getting a Divorce

If you are considering getting a divorce in Texas there are common steps you should take and avoid to make the process as painless as possible. In the state of Texas, legal separation is not recognized, which means even if one partner has moved out, you are still legally married. When it comes to the […]

Common and Lesser-Known Ways a Family Lawyer Can Help You

There are a variety of reasons to hire a family lawyer in the El Paso area. Since marriage is a legally binding contract, it’s necessary to team up with an experienced family lawyer in order to fulfill a divorce. Family lawyers do much more than assist individuals through the divorce process. If you’re in the […]